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Siamese Cats are a Breed Apart

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cats have long been one of man’s most constant companions. In the past cats were often kept in houses where they served an invaluable role in controlling household pests. In contemporary times, cats continue to be a favored house pet due to their intelligence, low maintenance, and warm personalities. There are many popular breeds of cats, but Siamese cats are among the most recognizable and popular.

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Siamese cats originated in Southeast Asia, although the exact origins of the breed are unknown. It was not until the twentieth century that Siamese cats became popular in western cultures. Today, Siamese cats are among the most popular breeds of cats in the world, and it is no wonder.

The appeal of Siamese cats begins with their stately and unique appearance. Their streamlined shape, striking facial features, almond-shaped eyes, and contrasting colors give Siamese cats a distinctive look that is different from any other breed. But Siamese cats are more than just a pretty face; they are renowned for their personalities as well.

Siamese cats are considered to be among the most social and extroverted of all breeds. They are warm and affectionate and often bond strongly to their owners. Consequently, Siamese cats are less independent than other cats and enjoy the confines of home with their owners. Siamese cats are also known for their distinctively loud, low-pitched voice.

Despite their high intelligence, Siamese cats are not necessarily easy to train. While some cats may heed your instructions from the very beginning, others may have a more inquisitive nature that leads them into mischief. However, it is rare that Siamese cats scratch furniture, and it is likely that they will prefer a carpet or scratching post to your precious sofa. But it is equally likely that you’ll occasionally find your Siamese cat perched on top of your bookcases or even your refrigerator. You would be wise to keep any breakable items off the top shelf!

Siamese cats should always be purchased from a reputable breeder. Good breeders will ensure that your cat has pure bloodlines, proper inoculations, and have developed their physical and social abilities enough to make the adjustment to a new home and owner.

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Written by Michelle Bery
For easy to understand, in-depth information about Siamese cats visit our ezGuide 2 Cats.

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