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How to Stop Dogs From Biting

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Numerous dog owners wonder how to stop dogs from biting a least one time during their pooch's life span, and this can cause a lot of stress figuring out how to change this behavior. Any dog which bites is an irritation when he is a pup, but as he gets older, he gets more dangerous with your family, friends and strangers. You must quickly take action if your pooch bites, in spite of his age.

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How to Make Puppies Quit Biting
The best time to do something about biting to stop it happens to be when your pet is only a puppy. You must learn how to stop dogs from biting early on in your dog's life. When a puppy is less than six months old you can retrain it easily, mainly because the puppy is still developing its personality; dogs normally learn to bite when they live in the wild.

The main issue on this is most people think their pups are just teething or playing and do not mean to hurt them. Sadly, what is actually going on is your pooch is exploring how to attain his position in what is called the pack, and he is using the biting to show he is the leader. When you are trying to figure out how to stop dogs from biting, it begins here when your dog is only a puppy, and just at the right age for learning.

Now there are a number of methods to make your puppy quit biting. Many of these methods try to mimic the way the mother or litter mates would treat the puppy. A noise sounding like whining if you are bitten, a slight nip on your dog's neck and handing your puppy his toy in place of your hand have all been proven effective in teaching your puppy not to bite people. In the event you have difficulty training your pooch to quit biting, then seek out a trainer or obedience school to help you.

How to Teach Older Dogs Not to Bite
As your dog gets older and continues to bite, this can eventually become a serious issue in the dog's adulthood. Your dog could turn on you, or consider that he is the leader in your pack.

If your canine nips or bites at people at one year or older, then you need to consult a professional quickly on how to stop dogs from biting, because this could cause serious problems if your dog chooses to exert his authority in the form of an attack.

So start early with the how to stop dogs from biting training to make sure your dog is young enough to learn easily. Most dogs that bite when they are older had the issue when they were puppies and it was not dealt with properly, there are those dogs too that can bite, because of mental disorders or diseases some of the time though. Deal with the problem early as we have stated.

I have been a professional dog trainer for several years now and enjoy helping people build better relationships with their dogs. I have trained a variety of dog personalities and love seeing the love between dog and owner grow to an unstoppable bond. If you would like to learn how to build a better relationship with your dog and to train your dog like a pro visit my blog Online Dog Obedience. For a quick look on what it will take to stop your puppy from chewing checkout my stop puppy chewing guide.

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