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Alternative Treatments for Horses - Crystal Therapy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Horse owners have been using magnetic horse blankets for many years but lately a new technology has been making an entry into the equine market. Crystal horse rugs are cheaper, safer, more effective and suitable for all horses.

Unlike magnetic horse blankets that can only be used for short periods of time, crystal horse rugs can be used on any horse indefinitely. Crystal therapy products can be using alongside conventional treatments to speed up the healing process. Magnetic horse rugs cannot be used if there is any active or untreated infection on the horse or within 3 days of a hematoma, if there is an acute injury or in conjunction with heat creating medicines or liniments. Crystal horse rugs can be used any time on any horse, they are completely safe.

Horse Relaxing Under a Blanket by Nihar
Crystal horse blankets contain CelliantTM this material has been proven to increase the volume of oxygen in the blood and improve circulation. CelliantTM accelerates muscle and tissue recovery due to its oxygen enhancing benefits. Crystal horse blankets containing CelliantTM , crystals and certain precious metals work on thermal regulation of the horse's body temperature. This makes the blankets ideal for equine athletes and horses involved in high intensity sports such as endurance, eventing and show jumping.

You can choose from two types of crystal horse blankets: relaxation rugs and energy rugs. The crystal relaxation horse rugs induce a soothing and calming effect on nervous and high strung horses. These rugs work on reducing stress and fear in horses making them ideal for use when transporting horses. The calming effects of the relaxation crystal horse blankets help preserve the horses' concentration and energy. These blankets are ideal for dressage horses.

The Energy crystal horse rug increases and stimulates your horse's energy levels and is ideal for horses that participate in high intensity sports such as eventing and endurance. The metals and crystals utilized in the energy crystal horse rugs give horses an extra boost of energy to help them achieve better results in intense disciplines such as racing, endurance and eventing.

The healing properties of CelliantTM and crystals are also beneficial in leg wraps and bandages. Crystal healing leg bandages can help promote accelerated recovery from trauma and fatigue to the limbs. These state of the art bandage pads have been used successfully for sports horses. The nanotechnology involved in the crystal bandage pads help increase blood flow to ligaments and tendons which reduces the likelihood of stress and injury to legs and hooves.

Crystal rugs and wraps can be used on any horse and are completely safe. They have no bad side effects and their healing properties do not fade or diminish with time. There are no limitations to their use, unlike other similar products.

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Written by Josie Amani
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