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New To Fish Keeping: Checklist

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If you're new to fish keeping, there's probably a lot of information out there that's confusing you! As a result, I thought it might be quite handy to put together this checklist for anyone who is considering setting up an aquarium, to help you through the process and to try and achieve the best results you can. The most important thing you need to do is do your research! Make sure you investigate as much as possible, and look into potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. Keeping fish is not rocket science, it just requires some basic knowledge to make sure that your aquarium is looking great and your fish are healthy.

Fish Tank by hiroshiken
Before you do anything, do some homework. Try and find out what is available and what might suit you the best. Your first step should be looking into different species of fish, and finding some that you feel you would like to keep. Once you've done this, you can then base everything around your choice of fish. That way, you know that your fish will have the best environment to live in, and you can enjoy them for much longer with fewer problems.

Size Up
Once you've decided what fish you'd like to keep, you'll need to think about the aquarium you'll be keeping them in. Obviously, you will probably now have a good idea of what size you'll need for your fish, but you now need to match this up with the size you have available in your home/work space. Fortunately, aquariums come in many different shapes and sizes so there should be an option out there that can suit both the needs of your fish, and the amount of space you have in your home.

The installation of your aquarium should be done with plenty of time, and never be rushed. It's at this point that you'll need to make sure you have the correct equipment for the species of fish you want to keep. For example, do you need a heater or specialist filter? Also you should be thinking about things such as plant life and decor. Lighting can play a huge part in how good your aquarium looks, so try to make sure you get the best you possibly'll be well worth it!

The next thing to do is wait! Be patient as an aquarium takes time to settle. Your new fish will require a certain balance of bacteria within the water and this is something that takes around a week to achieve. Even then you can't be sure, so take a trip to your local aquarium store and buy yourself a testing kit. Testing the water to make sure it is ready for fish will make sure that you don't put your fish into water that may harm them. Testing kits are all relatively easy to use and if you're unsure, just seek the advice of the store owner.

The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived, it's time to stock your new aquarium with fish! However, once again this should be a process that's not rushed. The worst thing you could do is go out and buy hundreds of fish in one go. Slow and steady is the key here, try starting off with around four fish per week and see how it goes.

Author Resource
Written by Kirsten Hendrich
For more information on aquariums and fish keeping, please feel free to visit Aquarium Group

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