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Stressed Cats: Things That Stress Felines Out

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sure, your cat may not have to worry about money or getting a job, but that does not mean that your pet does not have stress in his or her life. Every living thing, at one point in their life, will be stressed out. As humans, we know that there are different options on how we will deal with our stress. Most people do not realize that there is stress in cats. When a cat is stressed out, this can lead to a number of different behavior issues. Below, we are going to give you the top five things that stress out a cat.

Stressed Out Cat by Greg Westfall
A new family member: Did you know that cats can get stressed when a new family member comes into your home? Whether they are a new baby, an animal or some other person moving in, cats can get stressed.

Holidays: Cats can get stressed during the holidays too? Yes, they can. Cats enjoy having peace and quiet around their home. People have a tendency to hold parties during the holidays, which means a lot of people will be coming into the home. There is going to be loud music and talking, which can cause your cat to get stressed out. In fact, have you noticed that your cat hides out when you have company over? They are usually nowhere to be found during those special occasions. The best thing you can do would be to give your cat his or her own place (a secret hideout) where no one is going to bother them.

Moving homes: When you move your home, this could cause anxiety for your cat. When you do this, your cat will be moving into a new environment, which they do not like doing.

For some cats, they like the big adventure they have in a new house, but others get quite scared. The best thing you could do would be to bring your cats toys, bed, litter box, etc. with you and put it in the room that they will be the most comfortable in.

A change in the routine: when there is a change in your routine, there is a change in your feline's routine. Even something such as a change in your employment can be stressful for the pet.

When you go to work, dangle your keys around beforehand in order to desensitize your feline to the sound of you getting ready each morning to leave. When you finally leave, do not make a big scene. If you make a big deal out of it, then this may cause the pet to get even more anxiety.

Looking out the window: As a cat owner, we know that they love looking out the window. When your cat is gazing out the window, if a strange cat passes by and marks their territory and your cat cannot get to it, then that is going to cause your cat to get even more stressed or even angry.

Cats are wonderful creatures who need to have attention. It is important to pay attention to the behavior changes in your feline.

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Written by David Peterson
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