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Do-It-Yourself With Dog House Plans

Monday, October 18, 2010

Building a house for your pet doesn’t have to be hard with dog house plans. There are a couple reasons that I would recommend doing this.

Save Money
You could end up saving quite a bit of money by building it yourself. Since you pick out all the materials yourself, you can shop around for the best deal. You can even buy it on the off season and store it until you can actually work outside again. It doesn’t matter since this is all up to you. This means that you are going to have to be somewhat motivated to see the project through, but it’s not really as hard as it seems.

Doghouse and Hound by Alberto Gonzalez
If you have a larger pet, you may want to use dog house plans. It’s not easy, or cheap, to get a large dog house from a store. Even specialty stores don’t always have one big enough. You might run into this problem if you have more than one dog as well. Ever tried to look for a doggie duplex house? I assure you that they are few and far between. When I did find one the price was outrageous. I didn’t buy it. I didn’t think I would get my money’s worth out of it. It was built to last for a year or two maybe (I live where there is lots of snow) and was not insulated. It also wasn’t very cute. If I was going to pay that kind of money I should have at least liked the way it looked, which I didn’t.

Many pet houses that you can buy are not insulated. You don’t have to live in cold weather areas to want insulation. Having insulation in any house does double duty; it keeps the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If your pet is outside a lot you want to protect them as much as you can, which is why you are getting a dog house. Including insulation would be another great idea as well. It’s not always easy to add in insulation to a pre-made house. It’s usually a lot easier to put it in while you are building. Even construction workers do it this way with people’s houses; it’s just easier to do. Of course it’s easier with our houses to add it in. They are bigger and easier for us to move around in; doing that on a dog house is a different, more difficult, matter. Being able to add insulation while you are constructing it is another reason you might want to use dog house plans.

Another reason for using dog house plans is that you are sure to find one that looks attractive without breaking the bank. There are hundreds of plans to choose from so you should be able to find a couple that really suit your tastes and needs. Since you are saving so much money on the construction part, you may find yourself willing to spend a bit and make it look the way you want instead of just functional. Don’t beat yourself up for it, just build it the way you want.

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