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Koi Pond Kits - Everything You Need To Know

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The view of koi swimming around a pond, the sound of flowing water and sight of the fish jumping around all has an amazing effect on anyone that owns a koi pond. All this can relax an onlooker and help relieve stress naturally. To avoid the stress brought on by designing and building your own koi pond, you can buy a pond kit for your Koi fish from any major pet store. These kits are easy to set up; plus, will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. They come in a variety of sizes so you can easily find one that will fit comfortably in your yard, be it large or small.

Koi at Feeding Time by Jenn Forman Orth
The most popular koi pond kits include all the essentials you will need to create and run a good pond. A Koi pond kit includes liner, water filtration equipment, tubing, chemicals for water treatment and a pump. The liner can come in two varieties: one which is a pond liner that can be placed in a pre-existing hole, or a firm, hard one that comes in a specific shape.

The advantage of soft pond liners are that they allow you to create a pond according to the shape, size and depth you want. You can even buy kits that allow you to feature a waterfall in your pond. When building a Koi fish pond, make sure it holds approximately five hundred gallons so your fish have enough space to swim around.

Having a beautiful koi pond would be useless without the proper maintenance. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and supplies needed for your Koi for their healthy and happy living. Observe them often, particularly when you first purchase them, and ensure that they receive enough (but not too much) food. Feeding your Koi fish excessively, or giving them more food than they eat, can cause problems in your pond, such as excess waste, which leads to too much algae growing in the pond. After feeding your koi, skim out all the surplus food floating on the water surface of your pond with a skimmer. Pond kits usually carry skimmers with other supplies, so you won't have to spend extra money on a separate one.

Look for pond kits that contain all the equipment you may need to take good care of your koi. Try finding a pond liner material for maintaining the water temperature, since too much temperature inconsistency may harm your Koi. Want to decorate your koi pond? You can even find pond kits with ornamental items such as waterfalls, gleaming lights and artificial plants.

Even if you have little or no prior experience with Koi ponds, after reading this article, buying a pond kit will make your job significantly easier. You can easily follow the directions provided with the kit to make sure that you set up your pond appropriately.

Although koi fish are tough, making sure they have good water and proper care will guarantee their survival.

About the Author
Travis Taylor is a Koi fish keeper and breeding enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby by sharing information about Koi Pond Kits. His newest book,"Koi Care Secrets," teaches Koi Fish owners everything they need to know about caring for their pets.

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