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The History of the Paisley Breed of Dalmations

Sunday, October 10, 2010

During the past century, there has always been a strong bond existent between British dog fanciers and the Dalmatian. It is said that these dogs have been known there for the past 200 years, and there has even been exploration of a theory that they are actually partially descended from the early English hunting hounds, the Talbot in particular, so similar are they to these dogs in type, character, and hunting ability.

Soccer Ball Dalmation by Michele Eve Photography
Dave and Sue MacMillan who are located at St. Paul, Minnesota own Paisley Dalmatians. When Paisley Preterit completed his finals in March of 1985, he became the 50th conformation winner owned or bred at Paisley. And through that same month, Paisley's QindaBritt became the 30th compliance Dalmatian to have earned a C.D. degree.

Quite possibly a century or two ago there was some Talbot blood infused into the European dogs who, by their striking appearance, caught the eyes of travelers from Great Britain, then gained their admiration by their intelligence, along with their strong guard dog tendencies, and thus were brought back to Britain with the tourists. There seems no disputing the fact that the Dalmatian has his roots in very ancient times, and that the evolutions in the breed have been numerous.

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog, averaging 22" to 24" tall at the shoulder and weighing approximately 50 - 65 pounds. He is most noted for his distinctively spotted coat, which occurs in two colors, black or a chocolate brown, properly termed as "liver". Either color is equally correct and, therefore, simply becomes a matter of personal preference.

Originally bred as a coach dog, he is an active dog, capable of great endurance. His heritage also includes a protectiveness that extends to all of his possessions, including his family.

The Dalmatian is an affectionate dog with a boisterous personality although this behavior is typically reserved for "his" people. With strangers, he presents a dignified and restrained manner until you have passed his inspection and been accepted into his fold. Some Dalmatians "smile" by baring their front teeth. The Dalmatian is easily known by its striking black-spotted pattern design. However, the origin of this interesting color pattern is still unknown.

Its name however, stems from Dalmatian, which is a region located in western Yugoslavia. This dog breed was recognized by the AKC back in the year 1888 and has remained popular ever since.

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