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Tips on Camping With Your Dog

Friday, January 14, 2011

Summertime is the one time of year when people leave the comforts of their home and bed to sleep in canvas shelters with little between them and the rocks on the ground. Some will sleep in sleeping bags and a few will take along an air up mattress, which makes camping really comfortable. Packing for a weekend camping trip usually includes a tent, cooking utensils, food, drink, blankets, oil lamps or electric if you are going to a camping area that includes utilities and a few other odds and ends. When you are camping with your dog, however there are a few more things you will need.

Camping with Tucker in Montana by Starr Hendon
Most places you camp will require that you keep your pet restrained while on the grounds. When hiking, swimming and such a leash will suffice. However, once you are back at camp you may something a bit longer to ensure your pet stays at your site. An anchor and tether works quite well in most cases, chains and leather tethers give your dog plenty of room to wander without getting into trouble.

If you have a smaller pet, or one who is really well behaved you can purchase a portable pen to use at your campsite. These are usually made of lightweight material and while they provide a place for your pet, if they are truly intent on getting out chances are good they will. You could of course anchor the pen to prevent escape.

Food and Water Dishes
You already know your pet will need to eat and drink while you are camping, but do not forget to bring the dishes! Eating off the ground can lead to parasite infestations or worse so be sure to bring something clean from home. Some campgrounds will give you access to running water, others will not be sure you know before you leave so you can bring along bottled water if necessary.

Regardless of where you go camping you will need to bring along proof of current immunizations and perhaps registration for your pet. Again this will depend a great deal on where you decide to go camping, however even if you camp in the woods it is wise to carry current shot records as you never know when an accident could occur and you need to visit a vet in unfamiliar territory.

Pest Repellant
Summertime brings fun, sun and entertainment as well as fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Dog owners generally place their dogs on an annual pest treatment from the veterinarian. However, camping is usually done near water and where there is water there are mosquitos which carry things like west Nile virus and a dreaded heart worm infestation. Mosquito repellants for humans will work, however dogs tend to lick their fur, which means these chemicals could make them ill. Natural repellants are actually a better choice.

Camping with your best friend can be a wonderful experience for you and your pet, provided you go prepared. To make your life easier it is a good idea to make a list of all items, by the time you pack for you and the dog you could overlook an item or two.

About the Author: Written by Kelly Marshall
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