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Springer Spaniel - The Best Choice For a Pet?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There are many reasons to get a dog and there are many types of dog to choose from. Here we will take a look at some of the up-sides to dog ownership as well as the downsides, particularly with regard to choosing and training Springer Spaniels.

Most people know the therapeutic value of stroking a dog. It calms the old and infirm and gives a general feeling of well-being even if the dog is not their own. Calm dogs, often Labradors, are brought into homes for the elderly or ill, and the inhabitants feel better for being able to stroke these gentle creatures. Blood pressure goes down and stress diminishes. This is a medicine with positive side effects. It does have a drug like quality as the patient looks forward to the next visit of their four legged friend with the soft, understanding eyes and wagging tail.

Springer Spaniel by xan latta
Consequently, your family dog can do the same for you. No breed more so than a Springer. They are not usually used for visiting the old or infirm but they are probably more intuitive than most dogs. Happy to run around all day and excited by anything going on in the family, they are also ready to listen to any problem you have. When nobody else will listen, the Springer will sit and listen, head cocked to one side, trying so hard to understand. He does not disagree or answer back to the irrational questions or statements. The perfect friend and companion.

However, the perfect friend and companion can sometimes have his drawbacks. Rain, snow or sleet does not qualify as an excuse for the Springer to miss his walk, after all, he loves water. He has more than his fair share of energy for a dog of his size and if he is not able to expend it, he will think of something else to do. Springers, like all dogs will find something to chew, and it will probably not be the dog chew you bought him. A more likely target to the Springer is one of the new leather shoes you have just bought.

One of the reasons to have a Springer as a family pet is the way he loves to be with all the family. Conversely, when separated from his family 'pack', he will become stressed and anxious. It may help to have another dog as a companion for him, however this may just result in you having to clean up two 'separation anxieties' instead of one when you get home. He will see being left alone as a form of punishment, as in any animal pack, where a disgraced member will be excluded.

There are two types of Springer. One type has been breed as a working dog, the other as a show dog. One difference between the two, is that in very rare occasions the show dog may have rage disorder. A dog with this problem will be happy and friendly one moment and then without any provocation or reason may suddenly attack blindly. This is not to be confused with a dog who gets so excited that he won't listen to commands, this can be fixed by a good training course. Rage disorder has not been identified in the working strain of Springers.

All in all, Springers make a great family pet. He will try to understand what you want from him, in return you must understand his needs.

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Written by J.M. Rodgers
It is important to make sure that you and your dog not only get off to a good start together but also maintain a good ongoing relationship. To accomplish this you need to learn how a dog thinks and apply some simple training techniques and re-inforce them consistently.

To help you there is a lot of information to get started training springer spaniels as well as all other breeds at our website, Poochdogs. We also have a free dog training ebook guide which you can download completely free of charge right now to get you started and have many other free resources for you which we include in our regular free newsletters. Register now and get your FREE guide at

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