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My First Guinea Pig: What Shall I Do?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Contemplating a first guinea pig? Concerned about what you need to know in those first few days? Don't worry; this article will give you the answers you need to know.

Your baby pigs need specialized care. You first and foremost need to make their areas safe. Start by considering a box rather than a cage as a location to adapt your baby. Boxes have no trapping like wire mesh, and are smooth so they do well for the first couple of weeks. Baby Pigs are not able to climb, so don't worry about them climbing out.

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The down side of course is that your new family member cannot see out. But their little heads and feet cannot get stuck in wall mesh and wire floors. Once you have your pet's home, talk softly and feed regularly. Watch your guinea pig squeal with joy shortly.

If the new pet is fearful, soft voice and trying not to hover over her will work wonders. Read below where you can obtain more interesting facts about creating a great home for your pig.

What to feed your guinea pig? This is a lot cheaper and easier. Start with some little bits of fresh veggies like cucumber, shavings of carrot and carrot greens. Add apples and other fruits, but not grapes. Hay is easy to buy at any pet store and is cheap and useful. Hay is a great vitamin C enhancement and they love the flavor.

Caging is very important. A cage with a solid bottom is usually preferable but not always available. Make sure the cage is large enough for a house (not too big) and room to run. You can find out more for free at our web site on caging and supplies. During the first few days, be gentle, slow and deliberate. Do not rush your guinea pig into liking you. Get to know him or her and then they will be cuddly and loving always to you.

Guinea pig babies are always welcome additions and wonderful loving creatures. However, they require careful handling in the first few days or they could become afraid and withdraw from humans.

Lastly, what will you name your guinea pig? We have a helping hand there. We have a data base of over 1000 names to be easily searched. We named our guinea pig Daisy because that is the favorite flower of my wife. What will you name your guinea pig? We hope you enjoy your first guinea pig as much as we did, once we knew what we were doing.

Author Resource: Jim and Gabe Balladis jointly wrote "My First Guinea Pig: The Ultimate Guide," See our story for our interesting story. We became guinea pig experts out of necessity. If you have a new guinea pig, and need some FREE practical advice, visit My First Guinea Pig . There you will find tons of helpful information, and free courses on guinea pig care.

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