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A Dog Life Jacket Helps Prevent Drowning

Monday, November 15, 2010

I first saw a dog wearing a dog life jacket a few years ago, whilst on holiday in America where they seemed quite popular. I was staying with a friend who had a bulldog and noticed that every time we went out near the lake, for a walk or to swim, my friend would put the brightly coloured dog life jacket on him. I thought all dogs could swim, so I was a bit puzzled. Whenever we went to the local beach, where dogs were allowed, Teri the bulldog would be wearing a dog life vest too and some of the other dogs swimming and playing on the beach had them on also.

Safe, Water Loving Dogs by Jesus and Kristle
Asking my friend about the dog life jacket later and whether it was really required, she was quite amazed that I had to ask. My friend told me how she had been at the beach the year before when a 9 year old labrador dog had drowned. Apparently the old dog had swam out a bit and just became tired out on the way back when responding to his owner whistling him and sadly went under and drowned before the owner could get to her dog.

Later at home my friend pulled up some news articles online for me from the U.K. about some drowning accidents there - dogs falling in frozen rivers and getting into difficulty, dogs running after wildlife into rivers and getting swept away and other fatal accidents. I only had to read a few pages to see the point - in many cases people had died from attempting to rescue their beloved dog.

She went on to tell me about Teri her bulldog and how short-muzzled dogs often have trouble swimming as they can often swallow too much sea water but as a dog life jacket elevates the head above the water and keeps it there, this is an added benefit for Teri and other short-muzzled dogs.

Teri the bulldog even wore his dog life vest when anywhere near my friend's swimming pool, in case he went in when people weren't around. Dogs who drown in pools do so usually as a result of tiring swimming and being unable to use the pool steps to get out, so unless you have a pool ramp or shallow end with an exit, teach your dog to use the steps or make sure the pool is fenced off.

My little westie, Dougie still wears his dog life jacket that we bought for him on that trip to the States and he has a second one as a spare.

Anywhere near or in the water a dog life jacket will protect your dog.

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