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The Burmese Cat

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The first Burmese cat is well known and dates back to the 1930's. Its name was Wong Mau. After a long breeding period of using the Siamese cat, the Burmese was established as a breed. There are four recognized colors by Cat Fanciers Association; sable, champagne, blue and platinum.

Burmese Cats Cuddling by Sue Tupling
Having been a dog lover all my life, I never dreamed I would end up with a cat. We were on vacation and met some friends of our family who had a Burmese cat. I love all animals and this was a sable color Burmese. I picked it up from sleeping on a bed and immediately noticed how heavy it was. They are very heavily muscled cats and are often described as a brick wrapped in silk. I picked this cat up and it just laid its head on my shoulder as if I were its caretaker.

When we got home I had to learn more about this cat that I had never heard of. We did some searching and here is what we found.
  1. They originated from Burma back in the 1930's.
  2. They are a very heavy cat for their size.
  3. They are described as dog-like because of the following:
    A. They like to fetch a ball.
    B. They like to ride in the car if introduced at a young age.
    C. They like other dogs.
    D. They will lick your face.
    E. Some will seem to communicate with soft talk-like noises.
  4. Easy to groom.
  5. Good with children.
  6. They stay very playful into adulthood.
They have a short coat so they are easy to groom. Their eyes are large and very telling when they look at you and they do like to look at their owners. They love to be held.

We did find a Burmese and named him Sid. He is a year old now and exhibits some cat behaviors you would never expect from a cat. He does love to be held. In fact lately if I get close to him, he will sit up and put his paws on me wanting up. I thought it would be cute to say do you want up, up, up and now he jumps to get in my arms, sometimes from a little too far and I end up with an unintended scratch.

They are very playful as kittens and adults. They become very intelligent and become their own cat as they mature. They can take over the household and in our case, Sid rules. We had two dogs when we brought SID home and they both jump when he says jump. Sid is a very curious cat as most are and wants to always be right in the middle of whatever you’re doing. He is fascinated by smell and must smell everything you are about to put in your mouth.

He loves paper and will jump into the cupboard if you give him a chance. In this breed the male is more laid back and loves the lap of any person he trusts. Females tend to be more aggressive. Sid loves our longhaired Dachshund, they are best friends but sometimes the thought of a feline type friend seems appealing.

This cat has turned at least this dog lover into a sometimes cat enthusiast.

Author Resource: Michael Michael is a Respiratory Therapist, now disabled working in Internet Marketing, writing articles and building websites.

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