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Make Homemade Cat Food the Easy Way

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To make homemade cat food does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be easy to do as well as economical, all the while being healthier for your cat too!

How to make homemade cat food the easy way:

Cats Enjoying Home Cooking by Lee Coursey
1. Plan ahead: Always create a meal plan for your cat like you would yourself. This allows you to look for the best option for ingredients. It also ensures that you are incorporating variety into your cat's diet.

You can't feed your cat the same cat food every day. It needs different protein sources, different vegetables, etc. A meal plan allows you to think out what the best way to have variety would be.

Also, when you plan ahead, you can match the cat food recipes plan to your own, unless you're a vegetarian of course. But, if you know you will be having chicken for dinner one night, plan to purchase a whole chicken and roast it off. Incorporate chicken into a few of your cat's dinners using one chicken for both of you.

2. Make ahead: Once you've planned out what to feed the cat, the way to make it even easier is to make more than one meal. How many cat food recipes you'd like to create at one time is up to you, but storing these extra meals is easy.

Fresh homemade cat treats must be eaten right away unless refrigerated. You can make extras of cat food and refrigerate them in airtight containers for 3-5 days. Your best bet for long-term storage is to freeze extras in containers or Ziploc bags. These frozen meals can be stored for 6 months-1 year without causing any harm to the dinner.

If you're an adept canner, you can also can some homemade cat treats for your cat. You will need to use a pressure canner and small glass jars, but these are shelf stable once done. You can keep these up to 6 months and are perfect for traveling, cat sitters, or emergencies.

It is very possible for you to take one day out of a week and either create homemade cat treats for that week alone or be really industrious and create homemade cat food for one month or more at a time.

3. Keep it inexpensive: Sometimes people think that a homemade diet is very expensive, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few tips to keep the cost down:

I'll Take Any Leftovers, Please by admanchester
  • Purchase the full meat item. For example, buy the whole chicken, not just the pre-cut breast, and either cut it yourself or ask the butcher to. This saves a lot of money!
  • Ask the butcher for special deals on "parts". Most people don't want the inner organs and parts that your cat will need as part of his diet, so there is a surplus of them. You can get these for a nominal amount or maybe even free.
  • Take advantage of hunting season. Many people enjoy hunting for sport and don't necessarily want the meat or they end up with too much. Use free internet listing services to ask for free unwanted meat.
  • Keep an eye out at the grocer for discounted or clearance products. All items must be thrown out if not sold, so big sales happen on produce and meat right before they can't be sold any longer. These items, if quickly cooked or frozen, are perfectly fine for your cat to consume.

How to make homemade cat food the easy way all comes down to planning ahead and making cat food recipes plans, creating extras and storing them, and finding the best deals for ingredients to save money. When you do this, making your homemade cat treats becomes not only easy but inexpensive as well.

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About the Author
Written by Alice Pizae
We know that the homemade cat food is better and healthier for the cat but the cat food industry has perfected the art of making commercial cat foods tasty to a cat.

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