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How Can I Get My Cockatiel Back?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Accidents happen all too easily, and your cockatiel could escape. You need to react quickly in order to get him back. If your cockatiel does fly away, it is highly unlikely that you will get him back, because cockatiels are so aerodynamic and very strong fliers. They can travel a long way without realizing it, and then not be able to find their way home again.

Just because your cockatiel has shown no interest in flying or leaving his cage, anything could happen. He could get a fright, or even get chased. If you don't believe it can happen to your bird, check the lost and found adverts in the newspaper for proof. There are usually more cockatiels in the lost column than the found column.

The reasons that cockatiels get lost and don't come home are plenty. Cockatiels could easily get eaten by predators or join up with flocks of wild birds. Some get a fright and fly for miles before stopping, so if found, it could be in another city.

To prevent your cockatiel from becoming another statistic, make sure that for one his wings are kept trimmed. Remember to trim the wings regularly and especially after a molt. Also make sure that the cockatiel's cage is secure and the doors lock firmly. Make sure the food dishes are secure, as some birds can slide them out and escape in this manner.

If despite your best efforts your bird does escape, react quickly for best results. I remember as a child one of our birds flew away, and we chased him around the neighborhood for five hours, but we did eventually coax him back into his cage.

Here are some more things you could do to prevent the loss of your cockatiel.
  • Make a recording of his voice. Playing this loudly will help lure him back home.
  • Place the cage in an open spot where the bird will see it with lots of tidbits and treats on the floor of the cage to lure him back inside.
  • Post fliers in your and surrounding neighborhoods and offer a reward for his return.
  • Try using another caged bird to attract his attention.
  • Let your local vets know that your cockatiel is lost.
  • Last but not least, do not give up hope.

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About the Author
Written by Michel Maling
Love your pet cockatiel and learn how to care for him.


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